Providing hockey and skating opportunities for the boys and girls of Northwestern Connecticut.

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The following language must be formally accepted by any player choosing to play for the Northwest Icehawks for the 2022/23 season.

Players will be prompted to accept this language during the registration process immediately following the posting of the tryout results.

We, the player being registered and parents/legal guardians of said player, hereby accept a position on the ________ team for Northwestern Connecticut Youth Hockey ("Northwest Icehawks") for the 2022-23 Connecticut Hockey Conference season.

We, by checking the box below, agree to the following terms and conditions of this commitment: 

1.     We agree to remain with the program for the duration of the 2022-23 season. 
2.     We agree to pay the full season financial obligation, as set forth by the Northwest Icehawks. 
3.     We agree not to participate in any other member or non-member program for the 2022-23 season. 
4.     We understand and accept that if the above named player refuses to participate with the Northwest Icehawks that he/she is ineligible to participate with any other Connecticut Hockey Conference member program and must sit out the remainder of the current season. 
5.     We understand and accept that a player who sits out due to refusal to participate remains obligated to satisfy any outstanding financial obligations due to the program for the 2022-23 season. 
6.     We understand and accept that a player who sits out all or a portion of a season is not entitled to any partial or full refund of program fees or expenses. 
7.     We understand and accept that player must obtain a proper Connecticut Hockey Conference release from the Northwest Icehawks prior to registering with any new program in any ensuing season. 

We, the undersigned player and parents/legal guardians further understand and accept that this Letter of Commitment may only be terminated by mutual consent between the above named program and player. Upon such mutual consent, and payment of any outstanding financial obligations, the Northwest Icehawks will issue a proper Connecticut Hockey Conference Release and the player may transfer to another program in accordance with the rules of release of the Connecticut Hockey Conference.